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1) Change the World
2) Paradigm
3) Need a Doctor
4) I Believe
5) Green, Go Green
6) Penniless Artist
7) Don’t Quit
8) Ubuntu
BONUS) If a Can, Can
BONUS) Our Game

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As one fan put it, “Colby and Awu bridge the continents to bring together humanity in their unique message of world peace… The beautiful melodies and powerful lyrics, combined in a style with Cameroonian overtones and a hip-hop blend, create a sound that will refresh your soul.” If you like music that is uplifting and inspiring, Colby and Awu is a must have for your collection.

Their music has captured the attention of people from all over the world, from the United States, to the heart of Africa, to the tiny little island of Vanuatu. These guys have a sound and message that is universal, perfect for jamming on your iPod, cruising in your car, bumping on the street, or listening to before bed!

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