Colby and Awu Visit International School Manila

The power of social media!! Since uploading our song “Change the World” on YouTube and Facebook, it has amassed nearly 100,000 views worldwide, without a record label! Judging from the inspiring comments we have received, the song and music video has touched the hearts of a wide spectrum of society, from kids, to youth, to parents, and especially educators.

Last June, a middle school teacher from International School Manila in The Philippines was looking for a song to compliment the school’s “Advocacy for Change” program for their 8th grade students. He came across our music video “Change the World” after a simple Internet search. He immediately knew he had found the song he was looking for!

After consulting with the school principal, it was arranged for us to visit the school at the end of the year as guest speakers and performers for the Advocacy for Change program. Once the other teachers at the school caught wind of our upcoming visit, it turned into much more!

Our recent visit at ISM Manila was the experience of a lifetime! In the span of a week, we had the opportunity to meet with a multitude of students and share our music and experiences, aiming to inspire them to become agents of positive change in their lives. We met with staff and students in a variety of settings, ranging from small classes, to informal social spaces, to grand performances.

We had the privilege of serving as the keynote speakers and performers for the Advocacy for Change program finale, as well as the featured guest artists for the end-of-the-year middle school assembly. The assembly featured 450+ choir and orchestra students performing “Change the World” alongside us to a packed theater of students and parents. It was no doubt, one of the most amazing performances we’ve been a part of!

See the middle school assembly performance of Change the World below:

We are both incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity by ISM Manila to share our talents to uplift and inspire the youth and children of their school and we thoroughly enjoyed building friendships with so many of the students. We pray we have more opportunities like this in the future!

To bring us as guest speakers and/or performers to your school, just fill out our contact form HERE and we can work out the details!

To stream our song, “Change The World” simply CLICK HERE.

In Gratitude,

Colby and Awu

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