Spiritual Rap: 10 Hip Hop Songs that Explore Religion, God, and Spirituality

When someone mentions rap music, there’s several types of song styles that might come to mind. Many rappers like to create songs that get the party moving. Others like to share their personal story and experiences. Many rap songs highlight social issues that the artist feels strongly about. In this blog post, we highlight rap songs that focus on a very important theme: the sacred, the divine.

To show the power of hip hop in exploring one of the deepest topics each human being faces in their life, we share with you: Spiritual Rap: 10 Hip Hop Songs that Explore Religion, God, and Spirituality.

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1) Colby Jeffers – “Wizdome”
In Colby’s contribution to the list, “Wizdome”, he explores his creative process as a rap artist, which is quite spiritual in nature. Going to the Baha’i scriptures plays a fundamental role, as he raps, “I mix up these rhymes and rhythms, intertwined with the word of God baked into ’em!” The video also highlights some of the locations around Colby’s hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. We hope you enjoy it!

2) Lecrae – “Prayin’ For You”

American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, and record producer Lecrae turns a conversation with God into a deep and profound hip hop track with his song “Prayin’ for You.” In the song, Lecrae offers insight into what a typical human being’s exchange with God might sound like when praying for the well-being of a close “friend.” This song’s twist will get you to think deep!

3) Rakim – “Holy Are You”
Renowned, New York based emcee Rakim touches on a variety of spiritual concepts with his rap track “Holy Are You”. A member of the Five Percent Nation sect of Islam, Rakim explains why “they call [him] the God MC the lyricist”, closing his rap with one of the fundamental teachings of the Five Percenters: “Men are God.” A deep insight into a very interesting religion.

4) K’Naan – “People Like Me”
Somali-Canadian poet, rapper, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist K’naan touches on several spiritual topics in his song “People Like Me.” In the song, K’naan shares the stories of common people going through struggles, with the hook serving as a prayer to heaven, asking God to come down and help those who are facing tests. This track will touch anyone going through challenges.

5) Nabil and Karim – “O God Guide Me”
Baha’i-inspired Canadian hip hop group Nabil and Karim offer another soul-stirring song in the form of a prayer with their track “O God Guide Me.” The chorus is taken straight from the Baha’i writings in the form of a well-known children’s prayer, while the rap verses share the thoughts of a youth struggling to find his spiritual identity through the forces of society.

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6) MC Hammer – “Pray”
Normally known for his upbeat pop style hip hop, American hip hop recording artist, dancer, and entrepreneur MC Hammer offers a different type of track with his song “Pray.” As you might guess, the song explores the power of prayer. As a means of achieving success, humbling ourselves, or getting through difficult times, as Hammer says, “we got to pray just to make it today.”

7) DMX – “Lord Give Me A Sign”
Another artist not typically known for having spiritually-infused rhymes, in “Lord Give Me A Sign”, American rapper DMX shows his versatility. Starting the rap with a verse from the Book of Isaiah from the Old Testament, DMX supplicates to the Almighty as he strives to walk the righteous path through his trials and tribulations, asking God to “show me what I got to do to bring me closer to you.”

8) TobyMac featuring Kirk Franklin & Mandisa – “Lose My Soul”
Christian hip hop recording artist and music producer TobyMac teams up with American gospel musicians Kirk Franklin and Mandisa in a song that will make you reflect deeply. Touching on the battle between material success and spirituality, “Lose My Soul” reminds us that our purpose in this world is to prepare for the next world. In the face of all the temptations we all encounter in our lives, TobyMac exclaims “I don’t want to gain the whole world, and lose my soul.”

9) Chamillionaire – “Void in My Life”
Texas based rapper and entrepreneur Chamillionaire, known for his socially-conscious rhymes, gives us a spiritually infused rap with his song “Void in My Life.” In the track, Chamillionaire shares with listeners some of the spiritual struggles he has faced, such as his conflict of which faith to follow, stating “Father say he a Muslim, your mama say she a Christian, the Bible or the Koran, which one would you be picking?” As he weaves through these challenges, the hook sums up the main point of the song, Chamillionaire wants the Lord in his life to “make it right.”

10) LL Cool J – “The Power of God”
Best known for his smooth rhymes for the ladies, American rapper LL Cool J gives us a different sound with his rap “The Power of God.” Referencing the many spiritual forces of the Almighty, such as the power to heal, protect, exalt, and enlighten, LL Cool J definitely pays tribute to God in this track.

We hope these spiritual rap songs have spoken to your soul!

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Any spiritual rap songs that you really love? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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