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Colby and Awu are an incredibly unique duo. Colby is an American rapper and lyricist with a passion for peace and social justice. Awu is a Cameroonian vocalist and guitar player whose love for music is second to none. Their music is a blend of pop and hip-hop, mixed in with some African roots. They always provide a message that is socially and spiritually conscious. Their purpose for creating music is to inspire and uplift the hearts of their listeners, and to get people to reflect deeply about life.

Their journey began in the summer of 2012 in Awu’s hometown of Bamenda, Cameroon. Colby had come as a pioneer international volunteer with a local Cameroonian NGO focused on environmentalism called “The Greens,” of which Awu is also a member. Throughout the summer, Colby and Awu served alongside each other, working to educate and empower young changemakers in Bamenda to help build a more peaceful and sustainable environment for all to enjoy. They soon learned of one another’s passion for using music to drive positive change, and decided to collaborate. During Colby’s stay in Cameroon, they created their first two songs, “Change the World” and “Paradigm.”

Upon Colby’s return to the United States, Colby and Awu continued to collaborate,┬ádespite their continental distance apart. With the assistance of digital technology, they were able to successfully produce 6 more songs to include on their debut album, “Change the World.” Colby and Awu plan on continuing to work together and create a 2nd album with the same goal as the first one: inspire humanity to make a positive change!

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