Global Oneness Playlist: 10 Songs About Unity

The essential oneness of creation is a concept that is spreading across the world like wildfire. More and more people are coming to the realization that all of the differences between the various races, ethnicities, and nationalities of the world are mere social constructions, and that in reality, the human race is one – flowers of one garden and leaves of one tree.

But even beyond this, humanity is also becoming more conscious of the deep connection between the human species and the rest of the natural world. Our actions have profound implications for the plants, animals, and climate of Mother Nature. If we are not in harmony with the rest of creation, then destruction is likely to be the result. However, if society is able to more deeply tap into the global oneness of humanity and nature, then we will be able to create an environment of peace, prosperity, and unity that the world has never seen.

To give you some inspiration, we share with you our Global Oneness Playlist: 10 Songs about Unity. Enjoy!

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1) Colby and Awu – “Ubuntu”
Ubuntu is not just a word, but a philosophy, with deep African roots. It’s a word with special significance to Awu, so we decided to put our feeling for the word into a song. The Ubuntu philosophy enlightens us to the deep connection of everything in creation. As Awu puts it, “you are, ‘cuz someone, is somewhere, far away”. We hope you like our contribution to this music list!

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2) Lucky Dube – “Different Colours, One People”
The late reggae musician, Rastafarian, and South African icon Lucky Dube provides an anthem for people of all races and nationalities to come together and look past their differences. Dube reminds us that we are all created in the image of our Creator, regardless of what color we are. We are one people.

3) Michael Franti & Spearhead – “Hello Bonjour”
American Hip Hop, funk, and rock band Michael Franti & Spearhead call on humanity to love and respect people of all backgrounds in their song “Hello Bonjour”. Regardless of what language you speak, what religion you identify with, what gender you are, or what nation you come from, we are all from one human family.

4) Red Grammer – “Listen”
Described by Parent’s Magazine as “the best voice in children’s music” Red Grammer gives us a song that will inspire child and adult alike. “Listen” reminds us that no matter if you are “black or white, red or tan” “our heart beats sound the same”. If this song doesn’t inspire unity in your heart, nothing will!

5) Black Eyed Peas – Union
In their song “Union”, American Hip Hop group Black Eyed Peas calls us on to work for peace and unity on a global scale. They urge us to “start a union, calling every human. It’s one for all and all for one”. Highlighting the various ills the world faces due to disunity, Black Eyed Peas pleads to all of us, “We don’t want war, can’t take no more. It’s drastic time for sure”.

6) Luminaries – “Peace”
Los Angeles based hip-hop collaborative “Luminaries” state their aim is to “give light”, “inspire others” and “create a soundscape of Hip Hop mantras inviting audiences to participate in the connectivity of one another while going ecstatic on the dance floor!” They definitely accomplish this with their song “Peace” which reminds us that we are “One love, One blood, and One Heart, One people, One World, and One God” and that “We gotta come together united for one cause. Put ya hands up in the air for peace!”

7) Ben Lee – “We’re All in This Together”
Award-winning Australian musician, Ben Lee, provides another deeply reflective message with his simple yet profound song, “We’re All in This Together”. Emphasizing both the scientific and emotional reality that humanity is one, Lee reminds us that we are all connected in the journey of life. We’re all in this together.

8) Bob Marley & The Wailers – “One Love”
“One Love” is an all time classic created by the legendary Bob Marley & the Wailers. Originally released in 1965, and still hugely popular today, the song was most certainly an inspiration to all the other songs on this list. With his simple, universal message of “one love” and “one heart”, the late Marley exhorted the world to “get together” and comforted us that we’ll “feel all right”.

9) Michael Jackson – “Black or White”
Another mega-hit by a legendary artist, Michal Jackson’s “Black or White” is a song about racial love and harmony. Reiterating several times in the song, Jackson sings that “it don’t matter if you’re black or white”, emphasizing the oneness of all races on earth.

10) We Are the World 25 For Haiti
Originally recorded by a supergroup of artists in 1985 to raise awareness of the famine crisis across the continent of Africa, “We Are the World” was remade in 2010 by another all-star cast of musicians in response to the devastating earthquake that hit the impoverished country of Haiti. The proceeds of the song were used to provide relief to the many Haitians who suffered to survive following the catastrophe. It was a great example of how the world as a whole could rise up in unity and respond to the suffering of one of their fellow nations in need.

We hope our Global Oneness Playlist: 10 Songs about Unity post has got you feeling one with the world!

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