Lyrics – Change the World

“Change the World” aims to inspire humanity to come together and do something positive to make the world a better place!


I can, you can, yeah
Phoenix to Bamenda, Colby and Awu, Change the World,

Yo I woke up this morning with a dream to change the world,
Just want to bring a smile to every boy and every girl,
Can’t do it by myself, on my own and all alone,
The world needs changing now, so lets all get in the zone,
Every woman, every man, come and join me lend a hand,
It’s time to step it up and lead our children to the promised land,
The golden age of unity, of freedom and equality,
Peace on earth is possible, just need a new mentality,
Open up your heart, and open up your mind,
Open up your spirit, and guess what you will find,
Instead of us vs. them, always focused on the enemy,
You’ll see that your enemy is just like you and me,
The world is one country, and mankind it’s citizens,
Time to come together ya’ll, all seven billion,
Turn war into peace, and hate into love,
Turn your frown into a smile, go give somebody a hug,

I can, you can, we can change the world (x4)

Open up your hearts and minds, and face reality,
Cuz there is some good within you, called peace and harmony,
So see me as your brother, or your sister,
I’ll move your mountain, and you move my mountain,
Cuz the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step,
African man says one hand can’t tie a broom,
Let’s unite and see the world change from good to best,
And put a smile on the face of mankind as we say,

I can, you can, we can change the world (x4)

So do unto others, as you’d have done to you,
Cuz changing the world starts with the golden rule,
We gotta celebrate diversity, and show love universally,
Cuz everyone on earth is part of one community,
Black, white, red, tan,
Rich, poor, woman, man,
Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Baha’I Buddhist, Sikh, or Hindu
What if you were judged for the language that you spoke,
What kind of feelings do you think it would evoke,
To be put down cuz of your race, or face religious persecution,
Time to rid the world of prejudice, and start a revolution,
I’m talking no more hunger ,and no more pain,
No more violence, and no more slaves,
No more hatred, and no more greed,
No more homeless, or broken families,
No more pollution, no more disease,
No more corruption, no more poverty,
No more discrimination, kids need an education,
Gotta give hope to the up and coming generation,
Look towards the future and forget about our sins,
Take a moment to reflect, cuz the power is within,
Sing it Awu!

I can, you can, we can change the world (x4)

Every black man, and every white man,
We are connected as one,
So take my hand, I will take your hand,
Then the dream will come true, we can all make a change,
One people, one world, yediday, yediday, yediday, yediday, hoohoo, ya
yediday, yediday, yediday, yediday, and so we say,

I can, you can, we can change the world (x4)

This song goes out to every single member of the human race. Each action you take has an impact on the rest of humanity. So make your life about something positive, and do some good to make a change. The world needs you.

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  • Caroline says:

    So Colby & Awu , I absolutely love this song I discovered your song when I searched on the internet for songs that inspire Unity for the world . It goes without saying that the World as we know it is going through unprecedented times.I know there are people dying and people are feeling helpless but it is Our World and as that saying goes “United we stand divided we fall “.Your song through its Lyrics covers all that I am thinking and I am sure others are too . A very big thank you for sharing with the World.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share! We are so joyful to hear that the music has inspired you, and more important, that you have caught the spirit of being a positive changemaker for humanity and are working to change the world! 🙂

  • Kristina Stoneberg says:

    I am a teacher and am choreographing a dance to your song for the first graders at our school in Seattle. Students are also writing poems about how they can change the world, as we’ve been inspired by your lyrics. Thank you for putting positive energy into the world, we need more people like you!

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Thank you so much for reaching out and letting us know!! That is FANTASTIC!!! We are really happy that our music is brining inspiration and making a positive impact :). Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help or be of service to the kids!

  • Emily says:

    I had to write an essay on change makers, and I wrote about you guys, and Change the world! Unfortunately, I do not live in “Phoenix to Bamenda”, if I did I would hope to meet you. You really inspire me. I have memorized your song, so I hope to learn other songs that you have done.
    “The world needs you” 🙂

    • Colby and Awu says:

      WOW! That is so inspiring! We are so happy to hear that our song inspired you :). Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you with your essay! We’d be happy to answer any interview questions you may have!

    • Emily says:

      Really!?! Thank you. Hmm … What inspired you to make this song, how did you meet each other, and what are some things I can, or tell other people to to change the world? Thank you! You truly are hero’s!

      • Colby and Awu says:

        Wonderful questions!! It just so happens, that we actually have written a couple of blog posts in the past that answer these very things you asked 🙂

        To learn how we met and what inspired us to create “Change The World”, give this blog post a read:

        And to learn how WE strive to change the world, go here:

        And how can you change the world? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Each and every person is created unique, with special talents and capacities. Your job is to discover your talents, and then use them creatively to be of service to humanity. That’s it. Once you’ve set your purpose on using your talents to be of service to others, everything else begins to magically align into place.

        Your potential for creating positive change is limitless! And you don’t need to wait, you can start… RIGHT NOW! 🙂

  • May says:


    • Colby and Awu says:

      That is AMAZINGGG!!! So happy to hear you sang the song at your assembly, I hope it inspired everyone at the school! You are the hope for the future that this world needs… I can’t wait to see what kind of positive change you will bring! 🙂

  • Dylan says:

    our school is main street school in lrvington n.y

  • Dylan says:

    i love this song we did this for a assembly the song is beautiful

  • dylan says:

    hi we sang the song for 4th grade and 5th grade assembly the song is perfect.

  • Rachel says:

    This is beautiful! <3 I would just change one thing, and that's the line that calls for "Every black man, and every white man,…take my hand, I will take your hand" As a woman, I feel excluded by this… I know you want to be inclusive, and it's awesome throughout the rest of the song, but why don't you say, every black person, every white person, or… something. See, how would you feel if the final call of the song said instead, "Every black woman, every white woman, we are one! Take my hand I will take your hand!" Wouldn't you feel excluded as a male? It would be great if you would change that one! From one songwriter to another. Me.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It’s difficult to change the song and video, as it’s already published. However, when performing live, we often variate the lyrics based on the setting. We’ll definitely take your suggestion into consideration in our future performances!! The vibe of the song is to really make everyone feel included, so we hope that everyone comes away feeling that when they listen to it!

  • Sebastian says:

    I am in my last year of elementary school. For my graduation we have to sing this song. At first I moaned, Now I love this song and probably after my graduation I will still listen too this song.

    • Colby and Awu says:

      That’s amazing!!! It’s probably because deep down, every human being desires to make a positive change in the world. We are happy to hear that the music tapped into that feeling in your soul, and that you are embracing it!! 🙂

  • Aamaya says:

    We are singing this song for our grad. this year!

    • Colby and Awu says:

      That is so cool!!! You guys should get a photo or video singing the song and share with us! We always love seeing people sing along with the song!! 🙂

  • Abbie says:

    My homework task this week is to find a song that makes u believe in humanity and this is the perfect song

  • Anthony says:

    I think it’s really a great song every onei know that has heard it loves it

  • Marc says:

    It’s a really nice song. I’m in love with it.<3 🙂 Thanks to that beautiful song! I don't care, I love it! (song)

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